The experiment playground

Website status page is probably a good idea actually. 100% functional as far as I'm aware today.

The ChineseWriter developer roadmap

Website version 3.0 stil kept for the beginning of 2024 which is a huge shame but we continue to push this website in the right direction!

This section of the website is for web related experiments. I'll add what things I might like to add to the website here. It's very time consuming to get things right!

Version 4 of the website is still possible. Believe in the future!

I have played around with some other things such as moodle but it is not in the roadmap at this time. Developing countries with schools might benefit from it. Not tested recently but php 8.2 should work with it!

Strapi CMS together with meilisearch looks promising but the plugin system is weak compared to wordpress. Wordpress looks like it retains the plugin crown, that's why it is the most popular cms in the world!

Most things I've tried with nodejs lts version 20 appear to work which is fantastic but nodejs packages continue to be an issue with general site development! Some things which look really good don't seem to get updated anymore:( Veterans of web development abandon things so easily.

Same old web host. Hostinger and Cloudflare work well together!

A proper logo is still something I really have to consider.

Could have selection thing for right to left text vertical right to left.

Mobile landscape mode is a possibility. Rotation between IOS and Android is probably different. Does this need checking?

Still need to implement a good search system. Javascript arrays may help? Meilisearch/ Algolia look good but require a lot of css fine tuning!

TheChineseWriter grammar system is such a good idea but really needs to secure funding!

input checkbox

Checked paypal developer section nodejs for more recent checkout buttons, they might not work with current hosting expressjs framework is kind of old.

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Donations are still welcome.

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