This page is rather barebones but I want it to be the place for business related blogging. Visit my personal blog in the meantime. Blog

February. New things have to be added all the time. A more complete website experience is something we have to do!

The website documentation

February 21 The book is here and ready to be purchased from Amazon. TheChineseWriter worked alongside the book publisher Authentic Worth to make this a reality!

Visit them if you have a chance!

March 18th 2023 We are still looking into the expansion plans. This business can still turn into something wonderful! Writing can create many things, let your imagination run wild!

August 24th 2023 You should see the X social logo at the bottom footer of the website. Formerly called Twitter (although the domain name has not changed) X is the social media platform owned by Elon Musk, will this change stay or not that is the big question. Website maintenance is still important though!

November 1st 2023 We are still here! Some unexpected turn of events but we're going to plan out the next step of the journey. Version 4 of the website can still happen. The full flavoured international version of the website is a possibility. Don't rule anything out yet.

November 6th 2023 The long awaited office of TheChineseWriter has arrived. It is still temporary and its a shared space but it works! What a great place the Albany is in London. Thank you so much for this place to work.

November 19th 2023 A bit late I know but Wordpress 6.4.1 is being played around with and it works well with php 8.2, good first impressions right now, let's hope we know what the best technical choice is for this website. I still want TheChineseWriter database for a more complete guide to Chinese grammar; something that is sorely needed on the world wide web! What should the design be like? The public must let me know! We're clinging on as best as we can. The end is not here yet!