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2024 The grand fourth year of business has arrived. Celebrate and don't look back. Move on with ambition.

News May 2024

We're thinking about the future of the business. Japan is likely a key market for success. Working on expanding the product range. Everything you need to raise a loving family. Japanese marketing is likely to be needed though. Translation work etc. Lots of thinking to do!

I know the website has still not been completed (Way too long, sorry but many technical issues with website code! Hard to run an international business on your own!). However think about why these things do happen (website coding is a mess due to outdated information on developer websites) and we will solve some of these problems together.

Site search functionality still doesn't exist:( because we need to know the content of this website (trying to gain feedback is harder than expected). The fetch API is often used on javascript based websites. TheChineseWriter does know a bit about technology.

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However the book release is here and you can find it on Amazon!

This is where my first book published is supposed to be


TheChineseWriter is a tech focused company aiming to make people's lives easier.

  • Mandarin (普通话/國語)

    Helping everyone understand Chinese language and culture!
  • Cantonese(廣東話)

    Learning Cantonese from TheChineseWriter

  • Courses

    Beginner web programming and general IT tech support. Same courses from 2023 into 2024 but more could come!